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Hear Malcolm X, as he actually spoke!

The actual speeches of Malcolm X (May 19, 1921 – February 21, 1965) are significantly different than the imaginary movie script speeches Denzel Washington spoke into Spike Lee’s camera for the 1992 entertainment film.

AAHM&CC Commemorates Malcolm X

It could be said (and are saying it), that the fiction version of Malcolm X begins that movie acting more hostile toward white people than real-life Malcolm ever acted, and ends the movie being more conciliatory toward them than real-life Malcolm ever was.

The AAHM&CC urges you to listen to these essential speeches, so you can compare and contrast the real and the fiction versions for yourself, drawing your own conclusions.

By Any Means Necessary
We Want Complete Separation
Conditions Blacks Face, Part 1
Conditions Blacks Face, Part 2
Conditions Blacks Face, Part 3
Keep That White Man’s Claws Off Our Women
Racist In Reverse
The Crisis of Racism
End Police Brutality
Opposing Military Service
We Have No Freedom
The Cure of White’s Disease

America’s Race Problem

FBI and Black Muslims

Harlem Unity Rally (in 12 parts)
Don’t Sit In. Stand Up.

“Our Problems Are Your Problems”

You Can’t Hate the Roots of a Tree and Not Hate the Tree
“Think For Yourself” speech

Ballot Or Bullet, Cleveland OH version, April 3, 1964

No Such Thing as a Peaceful Revolution

MALCOLM X SPEAKS (full pdf of the book)

Black Nationalism Can Set Us Free

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Born November 23, 1985