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On March 19, 2021 the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle publicly published this “Official Statement” about our African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center and its building, which they inaccurately claim to own.

They allege in this statement that they want to have an open and transparent conversation.

However, they then immediately claim to profess what they call “some important historical context”, in which they—once again—brazenly attempt to erase the history of the AAHM&CC. The most obvious and glaring problem with their narrative is that it pretends no history took place at the AAHM&CC building between 1993 and 2002!

The Urban League simply will not discuss the major events which occurred there in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001, because the history of those years reinforces the case of the AAHM&CC, not of the Urban League.

Anyone who studies those years of this recorded struggle (available right here on this website) will see that the Urban League is lying when it claims our organization abandoned the building in 1993, or that the building then became, in their words, an “unoccupied and closed altogether” land without a people (for their financiers who wanted more land).

While some corporate newspapers did inaccurately claim that the 1985 public building sit-in ended in 1993 (thereby alleging that it lasted only 8 years instead of the actual 13), and while some of the AAHM&CC’s activists did temporarily withdraw in late 1993 (because the City told them their demands were being met), the true facts of the matter are that the Coleman School building was at all times continuously occupied by AAHM&CC volunteers and equipment from November 23, 1985 through June 4, 1998. The Urban League knows this is a fact, and is choosing to willfully lie about it.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then this official public City document, the 1994 Final Report of Mayor Norm Rice’s African American Heritage Museum And Cultural Center Committee, could not exist. Clearly the Urban League wishes it didn’t exist. Fortunately for humanity, though, it does.

Our AAHM&CC plan for a world class museum and cultural center, filling all floors and rooms with recording studios, performance halls, radio stations, design labs, educational exhibitions and much more, is all in direct continuity with that 1994 Final Report!

It is what we have been working towards since 1981, and is what we will fight for as long as necessary, by any means necessary.

Neither our Founders’ Vision nor the 1994 Report are in any way compatible with the shell game apartment scheme managed by a notorious slumlord enforcement agency with only 1.5 Yelp stars.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then this Autumn 1996 PI Article about the public hearing on the School District’s sale of Coleman School to us (the AAHM&CC) could never have been written. Clearly the Urban League wishes it hadn’t been written. Fortunately for humanity, it was.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then the Seattle School Board could never have formally approved this sale of the building to us (the AAHM&CC) in July of 1997. Clearly this happened, or the Seattle Times could not have covered it. But, “fast forward (from 1993) to 2002” cries the Urban League.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then the January 16th, 1998, mutually signed and notarized purchase and sale contract itself (still never terminated by any foreclosure proceeding whatsoever) could never have been created. Clearly the Urban League wishes it had never been signed. Fortunately for humanity, it was.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then the corporate power structure would never have found it necessary to send a SWAT Team to attack us (The AAHM&CC) and force us out of our own building on June 4th, 1998. The Urban League wants this act of state violence erased from history because they are its primary beneficiary.

If Urban League’s narrative were true, then the 1999 peoples’ democratic uprising against the World Trade Organization in Seattle would/could never have included this multiracial and international working class effort to help the AAHM&CC retake our building from the previous year’s police raid. The Urban League clearly wants history to forget this ever happened. Fortunately for humanity, we won’t.

If the Urban League’s narrative were true, then the Seattle Public School District could never have publicly received their down-payment on our building from us (the AAHM&CC) at their meeting in March of 2000, which we delivered to them in spite of the fact that we had–by that time–been illegally locked out of our own building through state violence for over 17 consecutive months. Clearly the Urban League wishes we’d never succeeded in delivering that check. Fortunately for humanity, we did.

If the Urban League were truly a champion on behalf of low-income tenants, as it claims to be, then it would never have been necessary, in 2001, for our community to pressure it to answer the simple question of whether its housing-unit plans for the building consisted of affordable apartments or high-end condominiums. The Urban League was initially alarmingly ambiguous about this, and wished we’d not even pressured them to specify. Fortunately, we did. But the housing in question still turned out substandard and wrongly located.

If Gunslinger James Kelly were really the hero Urban League still says he is, he would not have been flashing a firearm at unarmed high school students on an allegedly weapons-free campus in 2002, the same year in which Urban League’s March 19, 2021 statement claims he was saving the day.

Were James Kelly that hero, he also would not have so closely involved the Urban League with those particular Seattle Public Schools Superintendents (such as Maria Goodloe-Johnson and Joseph Olchefske*) who consistently either get fired, resign or claim to be resigning in disgrace over financial scandals. Nor would he have associated it so closely with Kelly’s other crony—School District Attorney Ron English Esquire, who quietly “retired” from the School District in 2015 after being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation which was politely declared “closed upon his retirement, with no findings”. *(Joseph Olchefske took over from Superintendent John Stanford, who signed our January 16, 1998 Purchase & Sale Agreement as the seller, only to die of leukemia later the same year. The illegal double-sale alleged transfer of our building to the Urban League was then engineered on Olchefske’s watch, by Ron English Esquire. Ron English, like the Urban League, liked to deny that Stanford had ever signed our Purchase & Sale Agreement. English publicly repeated this lie from the time of Stanford’s death until March of 2003, when Mary Bass—the School Board’s only African American member at the time—compelled him to begrudgingly confess that Stanford had not only signed the Agreement, but had done so in the presence of a notary! Even after this confession, English kept advocating the illegal transfer of our building to James Kelly’s Urban League.)

The Urban League’s March 19th statement also repeats a familiar litany of false accusations against us, which we have already rebutted and debunked in detail six times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) since June 2020. So, we won’t take up a lot of space here responding to them again, other than to link our previous extensive rebuttals above.

In very brief, needless to say, the AAHM&CC of course does not foul our own building with feces. That is a sensational slander which white supremacists have been spreading about us since 1993, to which the Urban League is now apparently adding its name.

Also, of course, the AAHM&CC volunteers do not brandish weapons, harass people or issue death threats. That is the frequent behavior of the Urban League’s loyalists, including its contracted (and City-approved) muscle firm Coast Property Management,  which grants physical roof access to people who hurl dangerous projectiles downward at the AAHM&CC, calls towing companies against our volunteers for parking in our own parking spots (which are clearly marked “MUSEUM”), and whose mentally unstable long-time armed employee—after a lengthy documented history of brandishing weapons and issuing death threats—shot two innocent young women in that same parking lot last month, one of them fatally.

The UL’s statement goes on to claim that they have attempted dialogue with us, the AAHM&CC (albeit while attempting to reduce us to the single persona of one of our beloved co-founding elders, Omari Tahir Garrett). This so called “attempted dialogue” is a matter of record. Since June 2020, the Urban League has only ever told Omari one thing, and that is to leave.

The last such formal dialogue occurred in August 2020, and, as of this posting, we are still patiently awaiting the Urban League’s reply to our last letter of the 28th of that month.

As we have said before, it is important to understand on whose behalf the Urban League tells these lies.

The AAHM&CC has been in this fight since 1985, and will continue the fight for as long as it takes to build this urgently needed peoples’ facility.

Free The Land – The AAHM&CC

News You Can Use!


The AAHM&CC has become aware that, on the Tuesday of March 16th, an Urban League official sent a cryptic and threatening message to one of our volunteers in the form of a personal cell phone text.

At the request of our registered agent, our website is transcribing and publishing the text of this message here, with the personal name of the recipient deleted.

It reads:

“******, we looking into re-purposing the museum to serve as a cultural center. That will take time. However the many complaints by tenants about the encampment must be addressed. Omari must go or be removed first. There is no interest any longer in working something out while he is present. I tried hard in good faith. What will happen will happen. I hope he will consider coming to the table to work out a solution that honors him, and respects the tenants.”

The most important detail about this latest act of bullying by the Urban League is that it contains those two important confessions: 1), that the building really should be a cultural center, and 2), that the Urban League to date has NOT been operating it as a cultural center.

Of course, by the word “tenants”, the UL is referring, on the one hand, to the individuals in search of residential housing to whom they are falsely representing themselves as the building’s owners, and whom they are illegally charging monetary “rent” to unsafely and uncomfortably inhabit a building that is neither intended for residential use nor owned by the organized criminals collecting this “rent”. They are simultaneously referring, on the other hand, to their subsidiary spinoff organization, known to the people as the “NAAM Scam”, illegally occupying the ground floor of the building.

No matter how often the Urban League repeats the lie that the AAHM&CC an “encampment”, it will still be a lie.

We are the true authentic Musuem, and we continue to stand for the implementation of the publicly documented and officially designated use of the former Coleman School premises, firmly established by the City of Seattle itself since February of 1994, as is clearly demonstrated in the  45-page report of the MAYOR’S AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER COMMITTEE.

We also continue to stand on our mutually signed and sealed Purchase and Sale Agreement which has made our organization the rightful owner of the building since January of 1998, which you can view here. This agreement has never been terminated by any foreclosure process, and is still as valid as the day it was signed, despite the habitual tendency of white power structures to break their treaties.

We are present in furtherance of these official public documents.

Museums routinely host exhibitions, both indoors and out. Our current emphasis is on outdoor exhibits precisely because the Urban League racketeers are presently illegally squatting inside of our building and have locked the door from the inside, which unfortunately renders the interior of the building inaccessible to its authentic purpose at this time.

Naturally, our outdoor exhibits, and the items necessary for their maintenance, are valuable, and therefore require the presence of round-the-clock human security personnel. Also, naturally, our security personnel must be furnished with the ability to take naps and nourishment to refresh themselves to continue the performance of their duties. Nothing about this constitutes an “encampment”.

In contrast to us, The Urban League, its subsidiary flag-independent ground-floor “tenant” organization, and its corrupt supporters within city and county government have been willfully and illegally obstructing this good public project with force and violence since June 4th, 1998, occupying the building for profiteering objectives contrary to its authentic designated use.

Contrary to the what is alleged in the Urban League’s dishonest threat, the Urban League has never yet “tried hard in good faith” to “work something out while he (AAHM&CC Co-Founder Omari Tahir) is present”. The Urban League’s one and only proposal to Omari Tahir since Juneteenth of 2020 has been its unconditional demand that he once again leave his own building. This is a matter of record. Its last formal exchange of dialogue with us was in August of 2020, and we have been patiently awaiting its reply to our last letter since the 28th day of that month. It has yet to reply, apparently preferring to open personal side channels with our individual volunteers and attempting to bully them.

In spite of all of this, the Urban League’s admission that the building should be a cultural center, and has not been used as one on their watch, is a significant bit of progress.

We can agree on at least one other thing as well. “What will happen”, will indeed happen. The AAHM&CC has been in this fight since 1985, and will continue the fight for as long as it takes to build this urgently needed peoples’ facility.

History Exhibition!

HARRIET E. WILSON – 1825-1900: earliest known African American novelist, AND HER WORK STILL PACKS A PUNCH!

Statue of Harriet E. Wilson, Milford, NH

March 15th is the birthday of Harriet E. Wilson (1825-1900) of Milford, New Hampshire, born a nominally “free” laboring class African American woman.

In 1859, Harriet Wilson, in an open and honest attempt to supplement her meager income, completed the now famous novel “Our Nig; or Sketches From the Life of A Free Black In a Two-Story White House, North Showing that Slavery’s Shadow Falls even there”.

She got it copyrighted by the US District Court of Massachusetts in August, and published in print by George C. Rand and Avery in September. It is the oldest known printed novel to have been published by an Afrikan author (of any gender) in North Amerika.

This novel was widely believed to have been written by a white person until 1982, when exhaustive irrefutable evidence was compiled and presented to prove the authenticity of Wilson’s authorship.

The novel is still highly controversial today, especially to northern liberals, because it raises critical questions about how different from slavery the life of a “free” Black laborer in the Amerikan North actually was during the lifetime of its author.

The novel begins with the following words:


IN offering to the public the following pages, the writer confesses her inability to minister to the refined and cultivated, the pleasure supplied by abler pens. It is not for such these crude narrations appear. Deserted by kindred, disabled by failing health, I am forced to some experiment which shall aid me in maintaining myself and child without extinguishing this feeble life. I would not from these motives even palliate slavery at the South, by disclosures of its appurtenances North. My mistress was wholly imbued with SOUTHERN principles. I do not pretend to divulge every transaction in my own life, which the unprejudiced would declare unfavorable in comparison with treatment of legal bondmen; I have purposely omitted what would most provoke shame in our good anti-slavery friends at home.

My humble position and frank confession of errors will, I hope, shield me from severe criticism. Indeed, defects are so apparent it requires no skilful hand to expose them.

I sincerely appeal to my colored brethren universally for patronage, hoping they will not condemn this attempt of their sister to be erudite, but rally around me a faithful band of supporters and defenders.”

The novel is in the public domain, so the rest of it can be read for free here.

It can also be heard read aloud as a free audiobook here.

The AAHM&CC encourages you to read or listen to it.

History Exhibition!

AN HONORABLE AND DIGNIFIED HARRIET TUBMAN DAY TO ALL, … But full pensions for aged veterans sure would be nice!

This newspaper clipping from 1908 claims that Harriet Tubman is 93 years old at the time of this photo. If true, that would place her the date of her birth as 1815. Other sources have estimated her birth in the early 1820s. Although she served the US army in the 1860s, the army refused to give her a military pension until 1898.

Today, as the AAHM&CC Celebrates Harriet Tubman Day, we remember not just the sacrifices our elders have made for us, but also the long and ongoing struggle to get them the respect they deserve.

Harriet Tubman is remembered as an icon for abolitionism.

She should also be remembered as an icon in the struggle for African American army veterans to receive their pensions!

It is well known that Harriet Tubman served the Union military during the Civil War, most famously on the Combahee River, where she became the first woman to lead a US army combat operation.

Lesser known is the fact that, after the standing army phase of that war ended, it would be 33 years before Harriet Tubman would receive her army pension.

Tubman had no birth certificate, because she was born into chattel slavery some time in the early 1820s or late 1810s. So, she was at least 43 in 1865 when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, at least 55 in 1877 when the Union formally abandoned Reconstruction and surrendered the South to Jim Crow rule for the next nine decades. And she was at least 68 in 1890 when the Second Morrill Act established the HBCU colleges.

She did not begin receiving her small pension until 1898, by which time she was at least 76. Even then, the matter of giving her a tiny pension was so controversial that it took a heated debate in the federal Congress to make it happen!

Harriet Tubman died on March 10th, 1913, at somewhere between the ages of 91 and 98.

Seventy-Four-year-old AAHM&CC Co-Founder Omari Tahir Garrett is also a US army veteran who is also to this day receiving neither his army pension nor his full regular social security check, which is a ongoing living example of continued racial inequality within the Social Security program, a overall progressive program which, nevertheless, was founded in such a racist way that, for the first 20 years of its existence, it actually widened the wealth gap between “white” and “non-white” households instead of narrowing it.

This March 10th, in honor of Harriet Tubman, we call for the dignity and human rights of all women, all veterans, and all African Americans.


History Exhibition!


Statue of Benkos Biohó in the main square of San Basilio de Palenque, the free town which he founded in 1599. The statue’s right arm is outstretched eastward towards Africa.

This month the AAHM&CC pays a solemn and grateful tribute to our heroic freedom fighter Benkos Biohó, on the 400th anniversary of his brutal execution by hanging and quartering in March of 1621.*

We also take this moment to celebrate the fact that, at long last, an English-language book has  been published (in January 2019), rendering his long suppressed story finally accessible to the anglophone Amerikan public: FREEDOM! THE UNTOLD STORY OF BENKOS BIOHO and THE WORLD’S FIRST MAROONS!, A TRUE STORY, by KOFI LENILES and DR. KMT SHOCKLEY, ILLUSTRATED BY IROUPA KEINKEDE, Published by AuthorHouse.

Benkos had been kidnapped in the late fifteen-hundreds from his native island in the Western Mali/Kaabu region of Guinea-Bissau (a part of the world which, nearly four centuries later, would field another world-renowned freedom fighter, Amílcar Cabral).

In approximately 1599 (two decades BEFORE Virginia unloaded its first slave ship), Benkos Biohó, escaping slavery for at least the second time, led a group of about 30 escapees in founding one of the oldest and longest lasting free Afrikan Maroon cities in the Western Hemisphere! 

This town, San Basilio de Palenque, stands proudly as a beacon of liberty to this day! (Yanga, in Veracruz, Mexico, is even older!)

Benkos led the people of Palenque in a just and courageous war against the Spanish Empire’s slave traders, frequently raiding the nearby Atlantic slave port of Cartagena and setting the captives free.

In 1603, the Governor of Cartagena Gerónimo de Suazo, admitted that he was unable to defeat the free people of Palenque, and offered a peace treaty with King Benkos Biohó, which was extended in 1612 between Biohó and the next Governor, Diego Fernández de Velasco.

Naturally, however, the next Governor, Garcia Girón, broke the treaty by ambushing and kidnapping Biohó in 1619, holding him prisoner until March of 1621, and publicly murdering him because, in Girón’s words “It was dangerous the extent to which Biohó was respected in the population!”

But Biohó became even stronger as a martyr! The brave people of Palenque rose up against his treacherous murderers and resumed the war for freedom. They fought for 70 more years, until 1691, when the King of Spain himself personally signed a peace treaty with Palenque!

The 1691 truce has been cautiously maintained and guarded by Palenque ever since, with Spain and with its Imperial successor, the modern state of Colombia. Like its predecessor, Colombia continually vacillates in its willingness/desire to keep its promises to indigenous peoples of either Afrika or this hemisphere.

And yet, the people of Palenque, trustworthy and dedicated to long memory, still sing their ancestor’s songs about the valor of Benkos Biohó, and teach those songs to their children.

Benkos Biohó is a hero to all Afrikan people worldwide!

To all indigenous people worldwide!

To all coastal seafaring people worldwide!

To all laboring class people worldwide!

And to any human being who is sincerely in favor of freedom!

We are all Benkos Biohó!


As of this month, Biohó’s free town of Palenque has endured continuous struggle to exist for 422 consecutive years!

If necessary, so will the African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center!

*Accounts very as to the exact day of his death, (anywhere from March 3rd through about March 16th, 1621) due to the inability of the Julian/Gregorian white power structure to keep a straight calendar for that length of time, and its propensity for burning the books of other cultures who might otherwise have successfully done so. However, it is a clear that Benkos Bioho was publicly dismembered for a European settler audience in March of 1621.



The AAHM&CC asks all readers to pause for a moment of silence here to uplift and acknowledge the two victims shot, one of them fatally, late on the night of Tuesday, February 9th, in the Urban League occupied/controlled parking lot of our Museum by the employee of “Coast Property Management” (hired by the Urban League and approved by the City of Seattle *), as well that employee himself–who was then shot and killed by the SPD later the same night. We send strength, power and love to the families and all affected by this tragedy.

In particular, we ask that readers send good thoughts and donations to the family of our late beloved sister Anais Nin Valencia, killed for no reason at the age of 23.

The murder of Anais Nin Valencia could have been prevented.

Her killer, the 45-year-old violently unstable Coast Property Management employee Greg Taylor, was clearly in desperate need of mental health treatment and counseling, which he should have received. His volatility, mental illness, and propensity to threaten others with a loaded gun were all a matter of public record, of which Coast Property Management, The Urban League and the City—via its police department—were all aware.

In the meantime, while he should have been receiving treatment, he should not have been placed in the de-facto position of wielding armed authority in the name of a property management scheme. Yet, the fact is that he was maintained in a unique and opaque position of employment by at least two successive management companies—both hired by the Urban League and approved by the City of Seattle.

The AAHM&CC continues to stand for the implementation of the publicly documented and officially designated use of the former Coleman School premises, firmly established by the City of Seattle itself since February of 1994, as is clearly demonstrated in the  45-page report of the MAYOR’S AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER COMMITTEE, which you can view here!

We also continue to stand on our mutually signed and sealed Purchase and Sale Agreement which has made our organization the rightful owner of the building since January of 1998, which you can view here. This agreement has never been terminated by any foreclosure process, and is still as valid as the day it was signed, despite the habitual tendency of white power structures to break their treaties.

Contrary to what is often said about us, we are not an encampment. We are present in furtherance of these official public documents.

In contrast to us, The Urban League, its subsidiary flag-independent ground-floor “tenant” organization, and its corrupt supporters within city and county government have been willfully and illegally obstructing this good public project with force and violence since June 4th, 1998, occupying the building for profiteering objectives contrary to its authentic designated use.

These obstructionists have set up a racketeering operation inside the building, whereby unauthorized entities are falsely representing themselves as the building’s owners to individuals in search of residential housing, and are illegally charging such individuals monetary “rent” to unsafely and uncomfortably inhabit a building that is neither intended for residential use nor owned by the organized criminals collecting this “rent”. These gangsters further enrich themselves by intercepting as much public taxpayer HUD money as they can in the name of the building, but spending as little of it as possible on either real functional housing or urban development.

Gregory Taylor was one of the individuals whom these racketeers were taking advantage of in this way—both as a “tenant” and an “employee”—which exacerbated his already unstable mental condition instead of treating it.

The AAHM&CC has been trying to work with the City to implement the plan identified by the Mayor’s African American Heritage Museum And Cultural Center Committee since 1994. Even without the City’s help, we would by now have long ago implemented this plan on our own had we not been interrupted by the City’s force and violence in 1998.

The plan we’re being prevented from implementing has abundant flexibility to host mental health treatment programs on the old Coleman School Property (the true name of which is, of course, that African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center). Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and El Centro De La Raza have begun to explore such necessary programs at their facilities, while the Asian Counseling and Referral Service, for its part, has established and consolidated such services.

Had Gregory Taylor received proper mental health treatment in an uncorrupt setting, he most likely would not have committed this homicidal act, and therefore also would not have then fired a gun in the direction of the police, who (hopefully) would therefore also not have killed him. Anais Nin Valencia and Gregory Taylor would both still be alive.

For these reasons, as well as many others, the blood of both Anais Nin Valencia and Gregory Taylor is upon the hands of the City of Seattle, Coast Property Management and the Urban League.

It is time for those entities to step aside and finally allow the people of both the Central Area and Seattle/MLKing County’s greater Africatown metropolitan area to construct their African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center with this critical piece of land and infrastructure.


*Citation: Part II, Section 15 of King County Records document number 20061211000013, an illegal covenant entered into between the Urban League and the City of Seattle on December 7th, 2006 to run the building as an apartment complex instead of a Museum, page 18 of which purports to give the City decision making authority over the operation while simultaneously denying that the City has any responsibility for the operation.

History Exhibition!


January 17, 2021



Link to the full proceedings of the December 1869 Black labor convention chaired by Isaac Myers. (These proceedings were published by Frederick Douglas at the printing press of the New Era newspaper on April 4th, 1870.)

Community Celebration


The Annual Holiday Trees For Peace Fundraiser is a community tradition that has been co-sponsored by the AAHM&CC and the Umojafest Peace Center for over a decade!

Started in 2008, this tree sale for the defense of Black lives has been organized each year ever since (with the one exception of 2019, when it was rudely and illegally interrupted by the gentrification firm known as “Lake Union Partners”, who chose to breach their contract with the African American community that year).

In 2020, starting on our 35th Annual Founders Day! (November 23rd), the African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center is proudly hosting this community function at OUR OWN LAND AND BUILDING, rightfully purchased by us in 1998!

We are very thankful for all of the participants in this year’s George Floyd peoples democratic uprising against lynching and apartheid, who are enforcing Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so that we can finally use our own land!

Our affordably price trees are right to fit YOUR budget.

Tell all your family, friends, church and other groups about this opportunity to continue being part of the change.

Trees are available for pick up daily at 2300 S Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA 98144.

To place your order today, please call 206 717-1685  

If you do not want a tree but would like to support by making a contribution please do so at

Thank you for your consideration and we hope that you can help us make the promise of change a reality.  

Thank you.

The African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center

Community Celebration




On November 23rd, 2020, the African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center literally celebrated 12,784 continuous days of protest against the overfunding of police and the underfunding of positive community institutions!

On that day, from 1-6pm, the people gathered for a safe socially distanced celebration of our Founder’s Day!

Watch our video of the event to learn about the true history of the occupation of the Colman School from the freedom fighters who began the struggle over three decades ago.

The people enjoyed free screen printing, live performances, light refreshments, and HOLIDAY TREES FOR PEACE!

We also revealed our NEW HISTORY EXHIBIT! and discussed how to support the ongoing struggle for a world-class Black institution that will fight against displacement and gentrification here in Seattle!

Alongside our HISTORY EXHIBIT!, we also proudly unveiled our latest traveling art exhibition: a photography display by renowned local artist Inye Wokoma!

We live streamed our event via our IG and FB! #FreeTheLand#PayTheFee#BlackInstituitionsMatter

We are under attack!




Yesterday (October 12th, 2020), at approximately 6 pm, without warning or provocation, two Caucasian goons began hurling projectiles down from the high rooftop of the NAAM/UL-occupied building, into the gravel courtyard where the authentic African American Heritage Museum is conducting our operations.

The first knowledge we had of this attack was the sound of the first projectile hitting the tarpaulin roof of the studio of our co-founding Artist In Residence, Earl Debman, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. He was very shaken by the surprise attack, describing it as “like the sound of a bomb going off”.

Depiction Of The AttackArtist In Residence Earl Debnam

Initially thinking that the projectile had come out of a window, we were then ambushed again –several minutes later—by a second projectile hitting the roof of traveling exhibit tent on the opposite side of the courtyard, this time from an angle that clearly originated from the rooftop.

Turning our attention to the roof, we observed two partially masked but clearly Caucasian individuals crouching behind the roof’s parapet wall, briefly emerging every few minutes to lob another projectile down upon us and our outdoor ground level museum tents. The projectiles turned out to be clods of wet dirt of the sort that is often fills indoor flower pots. These clods were definitely heavy enough to injure a person when thrown from that height.

The attackers kept up their assault for about fifteen minutes, presumably until they ran out of dirt clods to throw. Then they exited the roof back into the building through a trapdoor, to which they obviously had access from the inside, access which they could only have obtained through the auspices of the Urban League.

This is exactly the kind of white supremacist vigilante violence that the Urban League promotes and encourages against Black people and authentically Black-led organizations. This time the projectiles were only heavy, but at least soft. Next time, who knows?

This attack also apparently constitutes the Urban League’s long awaited reply to our last letter to them, which we hand delivered to their spokespeople on August 28th. In this letter, we proposed that a meeting between our organizations take place exactly one month later, September 28th, in Jimi Hendrix Park. We were present in that park throughout the entire day of September 28th, setting up our David Walker Exhibit.

Due to the escalating risk of injury to our volunteers from the increasingly violent vigilantism of the Urban League’s agents, we are calling upon the community to donate helmets, hardhats and shoulder pads to our museum, to increase our volunteers’ chances of surviving future projectile attacks from above.